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Product Description

  • Best Quality – Only a digital connection can fulfill the promise for the best possible video and audio quality
  • Access to Content – HDCP is the entertainment industry’s choice for content protection, and it’s only supported by digital interconnects, specifically HDMI and DVI
  • Ease of Use – Since HDMI carries both video and audio, it replaces a whole tangle of legacy cables, making for a clean, elegant, efficient installation
  • Future-Readiness – When you install HDMI, you can be confident that it will serve the client’s needs for many years to come. Unlike those old analog wires, it’s built for the future of CE technology, not the past

Product Application

  • Notebook  set-top boxes  TV/Display  A/V receivers
  • Digital cameras and camcorders  Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD players


Product NameProduct DescriptionTypeNotes
HDMI receptacleTop Mount DIP/SMTNA
HDMI receptacleMid MountDIP/SMTNA
Micro HDMI receptacleTop Mount DIP/SMTNA
Micro HDMI receptacleMid MountDIP/SMTNA
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